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In 1995, Baoding Transformer works fission set Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co.,Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) ,is a professionalmanufacturer of transformers. Main products are 500KV and below power and special  transformers. 

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Distribution Transformer
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Distribution Transformer

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Distribution Transformers-
Our company closely follow the National industrial policy, adapt to the development requirements of the economy society, forming the capacity of mass production energy-saving distribution Transformers. The series distribution Transformer core adopts cold rolled Silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity and low loss, and the winding is made of anaerobic copper wire. By optimizing the design, the load loss, load loss and noise are greatly reduced. This series of Transformers have the advantages of energy saving, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install and easy to maintain, and are applied to urban and rural distribution networks.
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