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In 1995, Baoding Transformer works fission set Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co.,Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) ,is a professionalmanufacturer of transformers. Main products are 500KV and below power and special  transformers. 

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Transformer For Power Plant
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Transformer For Power Plant

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Transformers for power plants-
The split Transformer is our company's characteristic product, which is used with different capacity generator sets. The 220 kV and below initial/standby voltage regulating Transformers adopt the axial splitting method, and the factory non-excitation voltage regulating Transformer adopts the spot-splitting method. The Transformer has a strong ability to withstand short circuit due to the requirements of operating environment. The design of the product adopts the addition of round wood bars between the iron cores, and the winding increases the brace and the lining hard paper tube guarantees its stiffness. On the process, measures are taken to control the difference between high and low pressure winding, the axial direction is tightly pressed, the lead line is clamped, and the high-density cardboard, semi-hard wires, overall suits, and coal and oil and gas phase drying are adopted to make it work well.
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