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In 1995, Baoding Transformer works fission set Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co.,Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) ,is a professionalmanufacturer of transformers. Main products are 500KV and below power and special  transformers. 

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TBEA organizes the mountain-climbing competition of “marching toward the new age and new road”

TBEA organizes the mountain-climbing competition of “marching toward the new age and new road”

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary since the factory has been established, to further enhance the teamwork spirit of employees and to inspire the employees’ work enthusiasm in devotion in their work, TBEA’s labor union organized the 2018 mountain-climbing competition among employees which focused on “marching toward the new age and new road”. Before the competition started, Liu Deqi, the company’s secretary of the party committee, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union encouraged the competitors to follow the principle of “friendship first, competition second” and to pay attention to safety all the time, face challenge boldly and cultivate the strong will of forging ahead without hesitation. He also announced the start for the mountain-climbing competition, and competitors from six branches vied with each other toward the finishing point. 
This competition took branch as a unit. Each branch sent three competitors who shall arrive at the destination simultaneously and the score shall be deemed as effective. Competitors of all the teams went all out to vie with each other vigorously. They helped each other and advanced together whilst sweating and panting from time to time. After the heated competition, the representative team of fuel tank workshop became the champion of this competition with outstanding advantage. The management branch and the component workshop won the second and third place separately. 
This activity exercised the health of our employees, enhanced their mutual communication and showed TBEA’s spiritual outlook of solidarity in good faith and challenging new heights bravely. At the same time, it encouraged the employees to devote in their future work in full enthusiasm, to never forget their original intention, bear in mind their mission, base on their duty, make concrete effort in progressing and make active contribution to the company’s development in high quality.