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In 1995, Baoding Transformer works fission set Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co.,Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) ,is a professionalmanufacturer of transformers. Main products are 500KV and below power and special  transformers. 

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TBEA’s Youth League committee undertakes the documentary coverage of “cavalry trumpet” test station

TBEA’s Youth League committee undertakes the documentary coverage of “cavalry trumpet” test station

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Two SFSZ-63000/110 products 20184T12 and 20184T13 of China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. are urgently needed by users, for users 'needs, for users' wishes, and for urgent users 'needs. The Special Cha
Two SFSZ-63000/110 products 20184T12 and 20184T13 of China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. are urgently needed by users, for users 'needs, for users' wishes, and for urgent users 'needs. The Special Change Company Youth League Committee has taken on the responsibility of making these two products the "Youth" of the Special Change Company.
Due to the tight schedule and short procurement cycle for raw materials and group parts, the production department and the procurement department communicate the components and materials of the two products to the factory date on a daily basis to reduce the procurement cycle. Under the condition that the production materials are fully prepared, after nearly a month of intensive production, the young people of the quality assurance department spontaneously worked overtime for 48 hours to complete the test work of the two products.
Through the continuous efforts of the young employees of the various processes of the special transformation company, the production of the two products from the pre-production process of the parts workshop to the qualified test time of 32 days, the two products have been prepared for the product storage, and will be sent to the user site in the near future.
In the production process of the "Youth" product, the young employees of the production branch met the difficulties, took the heavy burdens, strictly handled the quality, and showed the youth style of a new era that could endure hardships and fight. This "Youth" production task was successfully completed. Everyone said that they will take this glorious task as an opportunity to promote the May 4th Movement and insist on starting from me, starting from now, starting from small things, and contributing their own strength to the successful completion of the various production tasks of the company.