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In 1995, Baoding Transformer works fission set Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co.,Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) ,is a professionalmanufacturer of transformers. Main products are 500KV and below power and special  transformers. 

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typical case

 Jordanian National ElectricPower Co., Ltd. (NEPCO)

Type: 80MVA, 132kV KEMA  test report

 Project of Los Angeles, USA,  16OOO0KVA/230kV
 Power Transformer


 GE Italy Massa Test Bench Project   25MVA 132+2*2.5%/2*3.7kV

 CGN SZ1110OOOO/110 Power Transformer 

220kV/8OOA   HTS Fault Current LimiterState Grid 863 Project


 West Mining SFSHPT-254OO/110Regulating Rectifier Transformer

 Institute of High Energy Physics, ChineseAcademy of Sciences CSNS/RCS Resonantreactor LKD-3OOO/1O and so on 20 sets

 State Grid SSZ11- 240000/220

 Guodian Zhumadian Thermal  Power Co., Ltd. 220kV.e 50MVA Start/ Spare  Transformer